Diet And Exercise For Weight Loss

An obesity, recently, has been termed as an epidemic in the health sector. It can be, in no time, the number one preventable cause of death in the United States, even before smoking. An obesity can cause heart disease like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, or stroke, and even a higher risk of cancer. With all of these health risks, along with the general improvement in quality of life that can come with it, losing weight is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Irrespective of whatever opinion you have, there is simply no magic bullet to losing weight. The body will lose the surplus fat when it requires more calories for functioning because of the demands you put on it in a given day than the amount of calories you give it. It is that clear and simple. So, in order to lose weight, you need to reduce the number of calories you consume and enhance the amount you burn.

There are large number of options available to choose from when looking for a weight loss program. Everyone often spends a lot of time explaining what to eat, how much, and even at what time or in what combinations. But few of them stress the importance of exercise, not only for weight loss, but also for your overall health and well-being. Exercise is essential when trying to lose weight for several reasons:

  • Exercise helps raise your metabolism to an efficient level.
  • Exercise burns more calories so that you can lose weight rapidly and stay motivated in your efforts.
  • Exercise releases endorphins, chemicals that help i n an elevation of person’s mood.

Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours at the gym or striving for strenuous workouts. In fact, in order for you to stick with it for the long haul, exercise should be something you enjoy. Start by increasing your activity level overall. Take the stairs when you can. Park further from the mall door when shopping. Go for a walk in the park or in a neighborhood you love and bring a dog or a friend with you. Take dance or martial arts lessons.

Once you become more active in general, it will be easier and more natural for you to switch to regular exercise. What you may need to do to see consistent, visible health benefits. You need to increase your heart rate to a fat burning level and maintain it for at least twenty minutes, thrice or more times per week. There are other alternatives available in case you are not desirous of going to gym. The DVD’s and videos are now obtainable for all kinds of types of exercises. This way you can change your routine whenever you want so that you don’t get bored with what you are performing. Try a range of kickboxing, aerobics, yoga, or just about any activity you want from the comfort of your own home.

If you have any physical restrictions that prevent you from exercising, you can always find a way to increase your activity level. Water aerobics is a great option for those with joint problems or limited mobility, as it relieves the pressure placed on your body by your weight. But you still get the resistance to challenge your muscles in the water. There are even classes and videos available that let you practice while seated.

Whatever type of exercise you select, it’s important to stay motivated and keep having fun. Make a group together in order to make it a social event. Get a pedometer, a device that measures how far you walk and see how many miles you can walk per week. Enter a contest among your friends or family and give the winner something special not connected to food. Make the experience of exercising something you look forward to, and it will soon become a part of your healthier lifestyle.

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