How To Exercise To Lose Ten Pounds?

You have made a great decision to lose ten pounds  Then first contemplate about your preferences. Do you jog early in the morning, even when the minus degree weather condition of cold freezes your nose? Or do you start trembling at the thought of getting up early and prefer wrapping yourself in a down comforter?

Your exercise preferences determine what you need to do to lose weight. Let’s say you spend most of your free time sitting on the couch reading a detective story. While you may not call yourself a coach potato, you categorize yourself as an inactive person. Just realizing this fact puts you one step ahead in losing ten pounds.

The next step is to decide how to exercise, which is part of any good weight loss plan. Of course, going to the gym may be the first option that comes to mind, but you have more options. You may breathe a sign of relief after reading the last line because the gym may not be comfortable option for you.

Other options for exercising more may require more creativity, but the process is worth it. For example, do you go to the farmer’s market every weekend? Assuming it’s not too far you might consider taking a cart and walking the distance.

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