Mistakes Usually Made When Trying To Lose Weight

Here are the few mistakes generally made while trying to lose weight:

Set goals at high

Setting long-term goals is good, but those goals always seem far away. In order to keep the motivation high, it is needed to set out the smaller goals that can be accomplished easily on a regular basis. Set weekly, monthly and quarterly goals. Once you’ve hit a short-term goal, set a new one for the next week.

Eat salads as a main meal

Eating salad is a good way to cut down on your calorie intake, isn’t it? Yes, a salad meal has a lot less calories than a pizza but does it have the satisfaction? When you eat, your mind needs some satisfaction from what you just ate. Those who ate salads for meals a few hours later, there are usually back in their cupboard looking for more food. So, it is far better to eat a balanced meal with a little more calories than to just eat a salad and then snack.

Eat one day and not the next

If you literally eat over 2,000 calories one day, beat yourself up and end up eating around 700 calories the next. If you starve yourself throughout the day, you are much more likely to eat more in the evening, which will not help you lose weight. You should be consuming most of your calories in the morning.

Skip breakfast

Most people who are trying to lose weight just think that eating less and skipping meals helps them lose that fat. And breakfast is a real easy-to-skip meal. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when dieting. If you leave the house on an empty stomach in the morning, you are much more tempted to eat more during  lunch. Plus, the calories you eat for breakfast are easily burned throughout the day.

Embarrassed to go to the gym

Taking the plunge and hitting the gym has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Most obese people are always afraid that people in the gym would look at them and talk about them. They are too fatty to participate. So, it is advised to join a gym.

Starting new diets on Monday

Finding a new diet and then starting it on Monday would mean eating all weekend like never going to eat again. It would only set up a failure in the path of weight loss.

Thinking that I would always be fat

It is a state of mind that you must break if you are serious about losing weight. Sometimes you feel like you’re doing the right things and not making any progress, it’s just natural. You need to concentrate on being happy and healthy and accomplishing your goals. It is recommended not to get clutched in a big picture.

Buy diet foods

When shopping, people usually look for foods marked dietetic, low fat, healthy, etc. It is a good practice to adopt, but not to buy these foods for the wrong reason. Some people buy these foods because in their minds it meant they could do more. The portion sizes should be absolutely ignored. If you eat healthy foods in large portions, you are doing yourself no favors.

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