Myths Of Weight Loss Exposed

It probably won’t be surprising to learn that there is a lot of confusion around nutrition. In fact, many people who read this article will have only a limited idea of ​​the different types of foods and what our bodies actually need to stay healthy.

One of the simplest systems I have come across is this one. If the food tastes good, then it must be bad for you! And then there is its counterpart, If the food tastes bad, then it must be good for you. You can identify with these views, or a closely related version! Nutrition for some has been reduced to a concept of good and bad with little else.

Some Common Myths About Weight Loss That People Believe – That Are Not True!

Myth # 1: Reducing portion sizes is the best way to lose weight. Not alone. If you try to lose weight just by eating less, you may put on the weight again. Lasting outcomes will come from altering the type of foods you intake, not just the amounts.

Myth # 2: Just drop the fat and you will lose weight. This approach to weight loss, popular in the 80s, just doesn’t work for most people. Even if a food is labeled fat free, it can still be high in calories from sugar and hidden carbohydrates. Effective weight loss involves considering your total calorie intake as well as your fat intake.

Myth # 3: Cutting back on calories causes your body to go into starvation mode and slows down weight loss. It’s wrong. Your body’s resting metabolic rate can vary by approximately fifteen percent. However, eating too few calories and not enough protein can cause you to lose valuable lean muscle mass, which will ultimately slow down your metabolism in the long run.

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