Role of Online Community Forum in Weight Loss

Dieters who join a good online community forum can expect to lose four hundred to five hundred percent more weight than those who start on their own. Plus, if they maintain their membership in the community after achieving their goals, they have a great chance of sustaining their weight loss indefinitely.

Indeed, an online community can offer a number of specific advantages:

  • Online forums operate 24/7. Hence, the support and human warmth are available whenever you require it. These are real 24/7 safety nets, particularly the Anne Collins forum which has members from all time zones around the world.
  • It offers personal advice and encouragement.
  • It gives members the opportunity to help other people – something that generally does wonders for their self-esteem and understanding.

Most community forums are self-managed. Member can evolve to become the resident expert or moderator. It is also a real booster of confidence as well as a great incentive to maintain the lost weight. The best forums are active, well run, and provide quality advice and support. Activity is best evaluated by checking the number of active members rather than the total number of members. And the more recent threads (topics) and messages (messages), the better. Evaluating the management and the quality of the forum is a little more difficult. To do this, open a recent discussion thread, analyze the posts, and look for the following. First, how quickly do members and / or moderators respond to questions asked? Second, are the questions and answers reasonably serious or more superficial? Most commonly, a well-run forum will have a greater percentage of running serious posts. Other questions to ask yourself are: How  personal does the forum seem? Do you feel a sense of warmth and kindness? Which age groups are the most active? Take a good look around and do not rush. Finding the right forum for yourself is very significant for your weight loss success.

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