Role Of Support In Losing Weight

Losing weight does not require any special diet, special food and no program of an exclusive exercise. The only simple task to be accomplished in a weigh loss program is eating less calories than the calories burned. Despite this, along with an ever increasing number of diets and weight control plans, obesity continues to grow. And the numerous dieters does not find it possible to lose weight without resuming the weight back within a short span of time. Why is it so? Answer: because people don’t get enough support.

The greatest requirement when dieting is encouragement. We need people to applaud our successes and help us overcome our disasters. Surprisingly, most online weight loss programs do not meet this need. Instead, they focus on what we should be eating, how many calories we should be consuming, and what exercise we should be doing. And while this advice is helpful, it is not critical. Because most of us are already familiar with this stuff. What poses a problem for us is motivation. We know what to do to lose weight, but we can’t keep it off. Maybe we don’t have a strong inducement, or maybe the state of affairs of our family are interfering with our weight loss plans, or maybe we hate cooking and eating out too often. Whatever difficulty we have, it is unlikely to involve food or exercise. It’s much more likely to be a motivation or lifestyle issue. Majority of online programs don’t provide motivational or lifestyle support. And even when they do, their advice can often be an exorbitant.

The worth of proper support was spotlighted in a recent survey of members of Anne Collins online weight loss program. The program comprises a 24/7 community forum that specializes in motivation and lifestyle support, with several thousand topics and around one lakh posts. Subjects were asked to rate the personal benefit they had obtained from the forum. A total of  one thousand three hundred forty eight subjects responded, of which eighty one percent rated the program’s community forum as important or very important in helping them lose weight, while less than five percent said it didn’t work or no difference . While by no means conclusive, the results indicate the practical value of a community-based  approach to weight management.

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