The Pros And Cons Of Loosing Weight With Ephedra

Ephedra has been the topic of debate in recent times, due to its many unwanted side effects and at one point the Food and Drug Administration even put stop to the use of herb for a short time. Ephedra is also known by the name ma huang. It is generally termed as the miracle fat burner. It constitutes natural alkaloids. Over the number of years it has been used for the treatment of variety of ailments, but today it is mostly known as a weight loss aid.

Ephedra is not an innovative diet product. A large number of dieticians and the doctors do not give recommendation of taking ephedra. Despite their recommendations, more than twelve million Americans take ephedra, primarily for weight loss.

Besides weight loss, ephedra has several other advantages. Many athletes and sportspeople take ephedra regularly not only for weight loss, but also to increase energy and improve performance. It can definitely increase energy levels and increase metabolism, which helps the body to process food more efficiently.

Ephedra has other benefits that most people overlook, due to its incredible ability to help with weight loss. The consumption of ephedra can help cure coughs and asthma by relaxing the passage of air through the lungs. It can also help in relieving the effects of edema, a condition caused by excess fluid, by promoting increased urination.

There is no uncertainty about the efficacy of the herb as an aid in losing weight rapidly in an effectual manner. A larger number of experts consider ephedra to be the great method for losing weight. And most people take it sensibly and in moderation, with few side effects or unwanted effects. When used in the correct amounts and in moderation, ephedra helps the body burn fat for energy. Ephedra is effective because it helps increase the breakdown of fatty tissue, suppressing an appetite, and maintaining the levels of energy. It also helps in the production of more body heat, which in turn burns more calories – a process known as thermogenesis.

However, ephedra can have many side effects if it is not ingested wisely and in the right dose. Side effects can include dizziness, headache,  increased blood pressure,  stroke, chest pain and seizures. Some experts have pointed out that many of these side effects are the outcome of other common substances  such as coffee and are not unique to ephedra. One downside to ephedra is that it is not suitable for everyone. It should not be taken by pregnant women or people with medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease. And those who regularly use several other prescription drugs should avoid taking ephedra.

Most likely, the most severe side effect of ephedra is its inclination to increase the stimulation of the central nervous system after being ingested. This has the double effect of increasing the blood pressure and heart beat rate, a potentially dangerous combination.

The controversy surrounding the so-called miracle fat burner is likely to be around for some time. If you are considering taking ephedra, always consult your doctor and make sure you have all the facts before making a decision. As with most supplements, you need to have your body’s basics – workout and nutrition defined  before you can determine any added benefits. Choose wisely and  make a decision if ephedra can work for you.

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