Why Cannot I Lose Weight?

This is the question a lot of people ask themselves when their weight loss plan doesn’t work. It is actually one of the best things you can do for yourself. It states you know what you’re doing right now isn’t working for you. You are in the place where you are ready to look for alternatives – try something different to get an outcome you desire.

Here are the possible reasons why you might not be losing weight and some suggestions on what you can do about it.

Medical Reasons

It is not the same as saying that you are genetically programmed to be overweight. This is hogwash. In fact, scientists have an estimation that even if you have a genetic propensity to gain weight, your genes are only 15-25% of your current weight. So don’t remember the genetic excuse. But there are medical reasons why some people cannot lose weight. A low thyroid, insulin resistance, adrenal exhaustion  and other medical conditions can make weight loss nearly impossible. That is why before starting any weight loss plan, you should first talk to your doctor. Take a thorough check-up and make sure there are no health issues stopping you from losing weight. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to lose weight, do all the right things, and not lose an inch, all because of a health problem. First eliminate the state of health, then process the weight.

Emotional Eating

The nutritionist commonly estimate that 75% of overeating was due to emotions. 75%! Can you imagine what would happen if you learned how to cut out emotional eating and cut out all those calories? What an impact of weight loss! The weight would drop. Sadly, in today’s world, emotional eating is on the rise. In today’s world, numerous people are feeling the stress of an increasingly hectic lifestyle. We barely have time to tie our shoes, let alone our emotions. Because of this, our emotions are smothered and ignored until eventually they explode and we’re face down in a bowl of Rocky-Road ice cream with some extra chocolate sauce. Here’s the gist: You are human and you have emotions. Your emotional needs are significant and should be treated correctly with love. You need the right emotional care. If that means taking a 5-minute break every few hours from work to regain your emotional balance, then do it. If that means you need to relax as you stroll through the mall and shop after work, don’t let anything stop you. Learn how to nurture your emotional health, and you’ll nip emotional eating in the bud and start losing weight fast.

 Mismatched Weight Loss Plan

There are many ways to lose weight and dozens of weight loss programs to choose from. Some plans focus on a change in diet, others focus on a change in exercise, others focus on the inner reasons for overeating. Everyone is different and will lose weight in their own way. If what you’re doing now isn’t working right now, it may just be a case of a personality mismatch between the plan. You would feel better with a fitness focused weight loss plan or a psychological weight loss plan instead of a diet focused weight loss plan. There are many plans to choose from and you deserve to take your time and find the one that best matches your personality and lifestyle. If you think this is the case, take the time to look at different diets or weight loss plans. Find one that you are passionate about, one that is meaningful to you and that matches your belief system and personality. This is when you will make real progress in weight loss.

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