Your Belly Fat Could Be Killing You

Some people have belly fat while other don’t have it. Is there something exceptional about a big belly vs a big butt? To a surprise, not all body fat is created equal. According to a study conducted by researchers at MacMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, it appears that the assessment of your risk for a heart attack is highly dependent on location of your fat is instead of quantity of fat you have.

These types of results are not unique to MacMasters. The spread of body fat is a very strong indication of heart attack than the traditional measure of body mass index (BMI), which is a measurement based on the ratio of your height to your weight, as reported by Dr. David Heber, Ph.D., of the Center for Human Nutrition at UCLA.

It seems that a more accurate indicator of the impact of body fat on your health is the general shape of your body. You can be more like an apple or a pear, or a uniform top and bottom. You can have big thighs, big hips, and huge buttocks and have a lower risk of heart attack than someone with skinny legs and a big belly. A more accurate and revealing predictor of heart attack risk is the waist-to-hip ratio.

What is your waist-to-hip ratio?

Divide your waistline by your hip measurement. For example, if your hip measurement is 40 inches and your waistline is 34 inches, your hip-to-waist ratio is 0.85. If you are a man it is fine, if you are a woman it is okay (but you are on the verge of being healthy) since the male ratio should not exceed 0.90 while the ratio of a woman should not exceed 0.85

Don’t fight nature

If you were born an apple, you will remain an apple, and if you were born a pear, you will continue to appear. Accepting the natural shape of your body is the first step in losing weight. In a study from Glasgow, Scotland, psychologist Dorothy Hefferman, Ph.D., researchers made conclusion that women whose actual body shape differs from that desired may find weight loss frustrating and have a harder time sticking to a weight loss program accordingly. If this sounds like you, accept your general shape as nature intended, but be careful to reduce the fat around your middle and stomach. Girth is much more important to your health than how you look in relation to your bust and butt.

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